Cooking and baking is a major part of the culture of House 3. We have a nice, new kitchen on the first floor where many of us spend our time cooking and baking. We have developed a community system of sharing cooking supplies and cabinet and fridge space which is overseen by the kitchen Czar. While some of us cook on our own, many of us have made cooking groups between us where we cycle through days of cooking for each other. It helps save money and relieves the stress of having to cook everyday! It’s a great environment for people who either love to cook or are completely new to it!

We also have a lot of fun baking. We try to celebrate everyone’s birthday here by baking a cake and surprising them with it (if we can)! We also plan out study breaks where a few people will make some food for us to enjoy while hanging out with friends.

The Lounges!

Our lounge on the fifth floor has the biggest TV in New House (probably) with a selection of classic games to fill your time with like Smash Bros. and FIFA (even Pok√©mon Snap!). We also have access to Netflix to watch most of your favorite shows (that’s one of the great things about having parents). It’s also just a great place to lounge about on our many couches and hang out if you’re bored or just don’t want to do your work for a while. We also have a collection of board games we pull out occasionally, if you’re desperate for something not quite as intense as a Halo night, or another binge watching of Gilmore Girls.

We also have a lounge on the third floor which doesn’t have many of these distractions that would keep you from doing your work. It’s a much more reserved place for the people who appreciate the finer things in life: tea and the occasional game of Piano Tiles. The lounge also exits out onto a balcony, a great place to get some fresh air when you need it.

Actual work…

Each floor has what we call the ‘elevator lounges’: areas for what could have been elevators. Now it’s a nice place to do P-Sets and socialize. Of course, if you’re not into that sort of thing, it’s pretty easy to just close your door, and hide yourself away from all the socialization happening ou