New House 3 is a wonderful community of really close people (sometimes, a little too close). We’re a “cook for yourself dorm”, and we really love it! We also just like baking things and sharing with everyone. In general, we live off of baked goods and salt.

For the 2017-2018 school year, New House 3 won’t actually be living at New House anymore. In fact, none of the numbered houses will be there. We have all been displaced and scattered throughout the other dorms to make way for the hyperspace expre– err… renovations. This means we will not be able to get valuable froshlings to ourselves, but instead will have to buy them directly through the black market.

Fortunately, a large group of remaining people from New House 3 will be moving to 99 Bay State (what used to be the LCA fraternity house). This means we’ll (hopefully) have the entire place to ourselves and establish our new head quarters for our social media empire to fulfill our plans of taking over the Interwebs.

While we won’t be able to have new members, we will be recruiting people to come live with us when we get our new-old, new home back. This is essential to our survival, and the people who will be joining us will end up shaping the new future of New House 3 (for better, or-more likely-for worse).

On that note, welcome to the New House 3 website! The current resting place of what our culture was, is, and will become.